Is Klout Gaining . . . Clout?

As search engines move more towards “influence” indicators like “Google Authorship” and social signals, how long will it be until Influence measurement sites like and become significant search factors?

Measuring “influence” is a controversial subject, but love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the current realities or the future possibilities.

Klout and Bing

Just this past August Klout and Bing announced a partnership that came to fruition this week as both announced changes to their platforms.

“Bing has added Klout scores to the information it displays about professionals and celebrities who are active on social networks or have a commanding web presence.” (Bing)


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“This is one of the early and natural fruits of our with Bing that we announced last fall.” (Klout)

In addition, Bing has been added to Klout as a connected network – alongside Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and others – for the purposes of influencing Klout ranking.

Bing on Klout

Go here to connect your Klout account to Bing.

Klout and Instagram

On March 27th, Klout also announced a partnership with Instagram, the popular photo sharing and social networking site.

According to Klout, they have designed their platform so that connecting more social media accounts to your Klout account can only increase your Klout score – it will never decrease it. In other words, if you are interesting in improving your Klout score, you should connect all possible accounts – whether you are an active user, or only an occasional user of those accounts.

The chart displayed below shows the distribution of Klout scores for those users that have added Intstagram.

Results of connecting Instagram accounts:

  • 10 percent of Klout users who have Instagram connected will see their scores increase into the 50 to 70 score range
  • 77 percent of users see their score increase 1-5 points
  • 16% will see an increase of 5 or more points.

If you want to connect your Instagram account to Klout, you can do so here.

What is the future of Klout? Will it become more influential in SEO and search? What are your feelings on “influence” measurements like Klout and Kred?

As always, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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  • It’s interesting to see these scoring platforms take the different routes they’re taking as they look to become more relevant. I still see the bigger issue coming from the fact that platforms like Appinions and Traackr offer so much more when it comes to actually measuring true influence, versus the non-contextual amplification that scoring (for now) offers.

    While adding accounts to increase a score is all well and good, that doesn’t really matter in the bigger picture for brands looking for return on influence marketing campaigns. Actions, long term advocacy and how decisions are impacted tell more of a story about influence than a generic score.

    Fun times! :)

  • Disclaimer: Right now I having a love affair with Klout and I’m mid series blogging about it.

    I like it because it tries to do the impossible. As a professional services marketer, I agree with Danny on his point about long term advocacy and decision making – because these are things that make a real difference to my clients and their business.

    But Klout is optimised by ‘gamification’ principles and it just begs me to engage with it! I can’t help myself but tinker with options, accounts, feeds and #tags.. just to see what happens.

    I happily wiped a good 11 points off my score two days ago by swapping to a little used Facebook page in Klout Business options. But I’m the kind of person who loves a challenge, and that kind of error makes great blog food.

    But that is my personal account, which I’m okay to experiment with. It’s like Instagram… I love it, but I’m really not convinced on how it will ever help one of my clients.

    Thanks for your article Brent, hope it generates more discussion :)

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