Is it Online Social Activism or Social Slacktivism?

Let me first apologize for blatantly ripping this blog title from CNN. I couldn’t figure out a better way to describe our most recent edition of the Baer Facts. Jay and I talk about the relevance behind activism and the support of causes via social media.

Does this kind of behavior really have any impact? A friend of Jay’s told him, regarding the meme, ”Jay, it is literally the LEAST you can do.” We don’t say that to dismiss the people who made the change. But we wonder, what percentage of those people who changed their avatar actually wrote their legislator?

No… really… who wrote their legislator?

Malcolm Gladwell has leveled this type of critiscm at social media. He states that social media does not create movements because the ties are so weak and fragile. We all have to look at ourselves and say, “Why are we doing this? To make a difference or to make sure our friends and connections think differently about us?”

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