Instagram Marketing in Just a Few Minutes a Day


Understanding Instagram’s potential

When it comes to social media and its place in your overall SEO / internet marketing strategy, visual social channels like Instagram have been making themselves known as the place to be for target markets across a variety of industries.

Instagram is a growing platform with a great deal of direct marketing potential – sometimes your target audience is just an image away!

Users on Instagram often single themselves out and identify as members of a target market without even realizing it. This can be seen in the hashtags they use and the accounts they follow and are followed by.

Preparing to be an Instagram marketing champion

Before you get really excited to be an Instagram marketing super star, you have to make sure that you are set up to receive all of the attention and recognition that you crave for your brand.

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  • Register a username that fits your brand – This is a no-brainer for any social account you register, but make sure that you take special care when creating your username on Instagram. Like Twitter, Instagram has a large number of savvy users and you’ll want to name your account something relevant and clever if you want to catch their eye.
  • Upload a profile picture that turns heads – Again, you know that your account is going to need a profile pictures, and your first thought might be to slap your logo up there and leave it at that. This isn’t always the best course of action however – if you are a technology brand, think a bit outside the box and feature a product you sell or an industry-related illustration or character. A lifestyle brand focusing on fitness might choose to feature something related to exercise, like a running shoe. The possibilities are endless!

Daily Instagram marketing tips

If you want to start growing your following and making every post count, there is a pair of tips that is sure to get your Instagram marketing off to a great start, or increase your account’s performance even if you’ve been on Instagram for a while now!

  1. Posting: Once a day – You should be making one new post to your Instagram account every day. No more, and no less. That’s at least 30 posts a month for 11 months out of the year, so there is plenty of time to get anything and everything you could possibly want to share posted to your account.
  2. Following: 20+ per day – If you want to see your account’s following growing by leaps and bounds, you need to get out there and make the first move. The easiest way to find new people to follow is to do a brand-related hashtag search and follow some of the users who are already interested in things relevant to your brand. You can also take it a step further and follow people who have liked the posts of one of the people you are already following. Search for individuals who are engaging the most with other accounts; how many photos do they “like” every day? How many comments do they leave? The more active they are, the more likely they are to follow you back and engage with your brand in the future.

Your takeaway

It is possible (and fairly simple) to do any and all marketing you need to do on Instagram in just a few minutes every day. All you need is a little bit of motivation, a strategy of some kind (see our tips above), and a timer and you’re ready to rock! See if you can accomplish these tasks in 10 minutes a day this week, then 5 minutes a day next week, then back to 8 and then down to 6. The goal is to have fun, keep things loosely structured, and enjoy your time on one of the hottest visual social channels of our time.

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