Instagram in 10 Minutes a Day

Instagram is a lot like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest … i.e., it can be a total time suck! And it’s super easy to get distracted from doing things that are not work related. To stop unproductively in its tracks, use these tips when you log into the popular photo and video sharing platform.

Ten minutes a day is all you need to manage your brand’s Instagram account. Doesn’t sound like enough time? It is! Here’s what you need to know to make the most of Instagram without wasting a minute.

2 minutes: Take photos

Take a couple minutes out of the day to take photos using your phone’s camera — just use your phone’s camera (not the Instagram app). The more photos you take during this 2- minute period, the better. Many of the most popular Instagrammers use this tip! The more photos you have, the more options you can pick and choose from later when you’re ready to post.

3 minutes: Use photo-editing apps to enhance photos

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There are so many great photo-editing apps that can be used to enhance your photos before you upload them to Instagram. Below are a few of the best, along with a short description of what they do:

• Squaready — Instagram Layouter: When you upload a photo to Instagram from your phone’s photo library, Instagram will make you crop it into the shape of a square. If you want to feature an entire photo without cropping it, Squaready allows you to do this. Bonus: it’s free!

• Picfx: If you want to really pump up the look of your photo with filters, Picfx ($1.99) is your go-to app. It has 100+ effects, textures and frames to choose from, and will automatically format your photo into a square for easy Instagram uploading.

• Camera+: Camera+ ($1.99) one of the most popular photo-editing apps available. Use Camera+ to adjust the lighting, brightness, contrast and clarity of your photos. It’s also a really handy app for shooting, as it allows you to zoom more tightly and improve your lighting on the spot!
Once you’ve used one of the above apps to edit your photo, be sure to save the photo to your camera’s photo library.

5 seconds: Upload your photo to Instagram

Uploading your photo to Instagram is fast and simple. Open the Instagram app, click the camera icon in the center, then click the photo box located at the bottom left of your screen. This will allow you to select your newly edited photo from your camera’s photo library.
2 minutes: Check your hashtag activity

Check Instagram for hashtags related to your brand. In Instagram, do this by clicking on the navigation icon and clicking on the “Hashtags” option.
Another way to search for hashtags on Instagram is to use Statigram, a really cool tool that provides Instagram metrics and allows you to search for Instagram hashtags on desktop.

2 minutes, 55 seconds: Respond to comments

Take a few minutes after you upload your new Instagram photo to respond to comments that have been left on your previous photos and to leave comments for users who have used your brand’s hashtag.

That’s it! Ten minutes a day is all you need to manage a brand’s Instagram account. If you have any other tips for how to effectively manage a business’s Instagram presence, mention them in the comments below!

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