The Impact Of Social Networks [INFOGRAPHIC]

A decade later we look back and reflect on all that Facebook has spurred. At the end of 2013, 1/6th the world’s population was considered an active member. It’s a place for communicating, for Friends Talking at a Partyfinding business (25 million small businesses have pages), and according to the infographic below, it can be a place where love either begins or ends.

Facebook, along with Twitter, has revolutionized so many aspects of our daily lives. These platforms have become a part of us and our habits. Social media is the most common thing to do online, especially on a mobile device as that’s how 4.2 billion people access these sites.

News no longer comes a few times a day from reputable sources. It comes from our friend’s status updates, posted pictures, and content shares from their networks.

It’s changed the way we voice our opinions and what we stand for as now many turn to these social networks to help spread the word about new laws, movements, and the wrong doings of governments, law enforcement, and even our friends.

We are plugged into these networks when we work out with apps like Map My Run that share your work out on your wall or feed if one chooses. You can make friends, find your next job, and even market your small business successfully using these tools.

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Above all it has changed the way we share and source. This concept has now finally evolved from our personal lives into businesses. What’s being called Business Networks – or a collaborative approach to the supply chain where businesses work together through communication to source resources – is now a huge part of this Sharing Economy.

These networks are here to stay and will continue to influence the way we do things in both our personal and business lives. Check out the infographic below to see a few quick facts on the new era of networks.


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