How Vine Fits Into Your Social Strategy

Twitter’s video sharing app Vine brings your words to life – by putting them in motion. The app gives users six seconds in which to create a video, which then loops continuously.

This unique multimedia feature aligns with Twitters text brevity: less is more. Promoting creativity, Vine posts are described as “little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life.” The app provides another way in which to share and connect with others. Malibu Rum demonstrates below.

When good things come together. Introducing our first Vine. #myfirstvine

— Malibu Rum (@Malibu_Rum) January 26, 2013

For businesses, Vine is an innovative marketing and advertising opportunity. Videos can be leveraged on Twitter, as well as embedded on other sites such as Facebook. It includes 320, 480 or 600 pixel resolution options, with the embed design choices of standard or “postcard.”

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Vine videos can incorporate hashtags and users can explore videos through trending posts. Businesses can utilize Vine in marketing by way of:

Branding. Include logos, products or services in videos. Whether it’s just a quick logo cameo or a mini film based around your brand mission statement, any awareness helps. This will further your social goals of promoting brand recognition and visibility.

Unique Filming. Vine presents new creative opportunities that Twitter couldn’t. Now you can show what your brand is all about – instead of just saying it. Trends continue to become more visual, and these concise clips give you a chance to play around with different forms of expressions, such as stop motion animation, audio effects and behind-the-scenes shots.

Increased interaction. Social connections are given more depth in Vine, in that it further personalizes your brand presence. For instance, quick Q & A sessions can be “held” on Vine. This can entail response videos to tweets as well as questions posed by the company. Contests on Vine also increase engagement – such as encouraging fans/followers to send in videos based on a brand campaign or concept.

Adapting to new social features like Vine will aid in establishing your brand as a leader both within your industry and in the overall world of social media marketing. Begin creating Vine videos here.

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