How To Make YouTube Work For Your Business

YouTube can be more than just cat videos, it can be a place that really works for your business. Not those cheesy business videos with bad actors and even worse graphics, YouTube can be a place to give your company a voice and personality that helps viewers connect with it and become potential loyal customers. Your videos don’t have to be preachy and use tons of “business talk,” either. In fact, in this day and age of sharing and viral videos, the dated use of “business videos” has become obsolete and makes way for an edgier youtube

Take, for example, the Catvertising viral video by ad agency John St. They took an Internet phenomena–cat videos–and used it to make a highly engaged and viral video that really speaks about the creativity of their firm. News sites picked up the video immediately and it made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter. All of this from a silly video published on YouTube. And many other businesses are doing the same and seeing real results.

But before you start video-taping your cat, you should probably understand the workings of YouTube. It’s a lot more than just uploading a video and then seeing instant success–there has to be planning, just like with any sort of online campaign.

Create and customize a professional profile
Just like with your business blog, you need to create an “official” profile on YouTube that reflects your business. Uploading your business videos to an account with a name like “buttmonkey77″ probably won’t be as professional as, say, “CompanyXYZ.”

Customize your profile by uploading a unique background and giving your channel some flair. Sticking to the normal white and grey of the YouTube design probably isn’t going to catch the attention of viewers, and remember: include your website’s URL, your social networks, and any other important information in your profile! This will also help rank your YouTube channel higher on Google.

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Make sure to have original, engaging content
Anyone can make a video and put it online. Literally. In order to stand out among the rest of professional videos out there, you need to make sure your content is unique to your business and offers something in return for the viewer’s time. Lots of businesses do weekly videos which inform and help their viewers, while other businesses might do videos about office antics and try to make humorous content. After all, funny videos are always shared more (just go take a look at your Facebook feed).

Fill out information on the video

Simply naming your video “Funny Clip!” and then leaving the information section blank, along YouTubewith the keywords, is only going to hurt your video. Give a short summary of the video, provide a link to your website, and let people become involved with it in order to connect better. Also, keywords! Don’t forget to add them to your video (just don’t abuse that keyword power).

Apply yourself to the community
Creating a video, uploading it to YouTube, and then marketing that video is all fine and dandy. But, there’s a missed opportunity if you don’t apply yourself to the community on YouTube. That doesn’t mean spamming random videos with your link, but rather finding like-minded channels and businesses, or even connecting with your customers, through the YouTube platform and networking from there.

Don’t miss out on the major marketing bump of YouTube with your video content, especially with video becoming such a common media that is shared all over the place online.

Does your business have an active YouTube channel? What do you use the channel for?

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