How to Leverage YouTube to Reach Prospects that Convert to Sales

How to Leverage YouTube to Reach Prospects that Convert to Sales image youtube cash thumb2

There are over 1 billion hits on every day. That’s 1 billion pairs of eyes attached to one billion wallets. You need to get in on this. Using YouTube as a promotional market for your brand is one of the most cost effective and lucrative business moves you can make. A simple 1 minute video has the potential to reach more eyes than a 15 second spot aired during the SuperBowl at a fraction of the cost. Neilsen estimated that 700 million viewers watched Superbowl XLV. At an average cost of $3.5 million for a 30 second spot. That’s about ½ cent per potential customer. That doesn’t even count the production cost of the commercial. As a sale professional, you know that this just isn’t a good ratio. On top of that, most of the people who see your commercial won’t be buyers.

So, why use a Social CRM system to reach out? Well, if the numbers haven’t persuaded you yet, take this into account, with YouTube you can target your viewership or use the platform as a way to get insight on current buyers. A YouTube video can literally be shot with your Smartphone and uploaded for free, so production costs can almost be eliminated. High quality video resolution isn’t what drives views on YouTube, catchy content is.

By linking your brand name to a clever or unique YouTube video you can get thousands of views in a matter of hours. Even if the video isn’t that clever, a good marketing team can get you views in the thousands, each one targeted at a specific age group and viewing habit. Finding a company that can do this for you will have your brand on the lips of thousands of viewers, who will in turn put it on the lips of thousands more. This is the power of viral video marketing. You’ve heard of Chocolate Rain and the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy simply because they were viral hits. Imagine your brand name being associated with one of those. This is what can happen when you enlist the services of a good Social CRM team.

The key to leveraging YouTube videos is making the content overshadow the product. Views are a fickle bunch and once they realize that you are trying to sell them something they are apt to click away to another site or video. You don’t want that. Humor is a good sell, but anything that tells a great story is apt to get passed around. Impressions are far more important in the social arena. What you represent, and whether your brand is cool, are often more important than the product itself.

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