How to Launch a B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign

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  • Qnary says:

    When creating a social media campaign, the first things you should do is figure out who your target audience is. Once you know who your target audience is, it will make it easier for you to create your content and decide what time of day to post things.

  • Adam Dukes says:

    I am doing a mix of curating content and producing my own content and have seen a steady increase in traffic. I am also looking to start guest blogging (first stop – B2C).

    Love that quote from Jay Baer, I had never heard of that before. Thanks for sharing.

  • Grace says:

    Creating a social media marketing is a great tool for business looking further to reach and interact with customers. If it is done correctly social media marketing can bring success to business.
    I really like this post..

  • Qnary such a good point! Find where your target market is then do exactly what Douglas says and with a bit of luck as well you’ll have yourself a pretty good strategy.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments – I’m so pleased that you found this helpful. Following up on the comments about your target, a helpful way to target your content and social media efforts is with buyer personas. Here’s some more about that:

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