How to Help Others in the Virtual World

Giving back to your local community is an important way to help others in need. And as you look for ways to boost your community involvement, networking with other area businesses can help you create long-term relationships that help introduce a Help Others in the Virtual Worldworld of professional opportunities. Giving yourself to your community is certainly an important element of networking for many small businesses. But what do you do if your primary community is online?

Just because your business peers are online doesn’t mean you can’t support them and find collaborative ways to help them. When you put positive energy into your web community, it can be one of those “what goes around, comes around” situations. When you want to channel your energy into helping others in your online community, here are some ways to actively support their work.

Visit Other Websites

Check out the websites of companies that you like or people that interest you. It can help with their page views, as well as SEO rankings. Subscribe to their corporate blogs or newsletter so you can check in often–not only will it provide you with new reading material, but it will help out your fellow online businesses.

Promote Their Products or Special Offers

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When one of your fellow bloggers has a new digital product being released, is teaching a webinar, or is hosting a special promotional event, your support becomes invaluable. Sharing their success, signing up for their webinars, or reviewing their eBooks will be a huge show of faith they won’t soon forget. We remember the people who encourage and lift us up. And when you’re in need of support and assistance for your own project, your network is much more likely to help if you’ve already done the same for them.

Contribute Quality Guest Posts

Offer to guest post for a friend or a blog that you enjoy reading. When two successful websites pair up, good things usually happen! You don’t have to ask for payment or reciprocation, just offer up your content and see where it goes. When you contribute a guest post, make sure you’re sharing really great content that serves their audience. You can even connect with a multi-author blog for more regular collaborations. And when the post is live, be sure to share it through your online networks. Not only will you help more people see your post—you’ll help give the blog more exposure, too.

Share Great Content from Your Friends

Most businesses and blogs also have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, or other social media interests. If you see something that piques your interest, share it with your friends and family. This will help the site with traffic and help the site owners to gain new fans and followers. Everyone loves to have their hard work appreciated, and sharing, retweeting, or spreading the word about other informative, must-read blogs is a great way to spread the love.

Leave Comments on Other Blogs

Interaction with readers is one of the components of a blog that make it so valuable. If a post makes you think about something, comment on it. Once you get the ball rolling, others will be more likely to comment The best comments are those that give a thoughtful response beyond a simple “good job” or “great post,” so take a couple minutes to create a brief yet insightful reply that not only provides valuable feedback—it just might help spark additional discussion, too.

It’s easy to support your online peers if you’ll take just a couple minutes each day to read, comment, and share. And collaborating with other great bloggers and business owners will benefit everyone in the long run. How do you show your appreciation for your online network?

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  • Warren says:

    I noticed I was guilty of this myself Megan, my first year online I spent all my time connecting with people from all parts of the globe buy my own. When I finally did start looking closer to home I found there weren’t as many within my own industry as I’d hoped, but did my best to connect with them. I love getting out and commenting on all my favorite blogs. Only problem is there are so many great ones I wish I could visit daily! :)

  • Jan says:

    Megan, as an older techie person, I completely agree with you. When you help others, you are, in turn, helping yourself. Keep up the great thoughts and sharing them with others. You will continue to have great success & influence.

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