How to Get More Out of Social Media in Less Time

Is it possible to do social media in just 15 minutes a day? That post from a few weeks ago sparked great debate in some LinkedIn groups. Most commenters agreed that 15 minutes a day is not enough time to see real results. However, there are tools that make your time on social media more efficient and even easier to do!

Step 1: Use a Social Media Dashboard

A social media dashboard makes it possible to aggregate the various social media channels your business has (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) in one place.

how to use a hootsuite dashboard

It enables you to post content to the various channels at the same time (although for some networks …cough. facebook. cough… this practice is becoming frowned upon). Most dashboards keep track of statistics such as clicks by region, RTs, most popular links, and more.

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As an official HootSuite Solution Partner, PROSAR recommends HootSuite as our social media dashboard of choice. (Learn more in this video)

Step 2: Add Your Social Media Accounts

With HootSuite, you can add accounts for  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, plus a suite of social content apps for YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Yammer, Tumblr and more.

Just click on the Add Stream button, select the social media network, and log in to your account. (In some cases you’ll need to allow HootSuite to access your account).

adding a stream in hootsuite

Step 3: Compose a Message

Compose your message and select which social media network you’d like to message to post to. You can choose as many as networks as you like to send at the same time.

write a message in hootsuite

You can choose to send immediately or schedule for a date in the future.

scheduling in hootsuite

The advantage of scheduling in the future is that you can take some time (say 30 minutes) to schedule a batch of messages and then focus on monitoring and engaging the rest of the time.

Step 4: Monitor Your Accounts

One of the best aspects of using HootSuite is that you can monitor all of your accounts in a quick and easy fashion. Simply click through and view each stream to see what comments have been posted, responding accordingly.

A big part of social media is engaging with followers and building relationships. Being able to quickly scan through activity on your accounts gives you more time to respond to messages and be proactive about reaching out to others.

What other “tricks” would you add, to help save time when doing social media?


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