How to Find Jobs with Social Media

In the past, searching for a foothold in a field was made even more difficult by the lack of information available. Now partly thanks to the social media boom, a nearly endless amount of data is available on the internet that can help you be prepared to not only find a job opening, but also stay apprised of the latest innovations at a company they hope to join. With only a little extra effort, prospective additions to the workforce can hear about jobs first, learn about a company, talk to others working in the field as well as earn recommendations from those already considered valuable employees at the corporation in question.

In previous years, researching the history and learning about a business’s future endeavors might mean leafing through countless magazines and newspapers and even making direct requests to the company for more up to date information. These details can be invaluable in today’s job market to help ensure a successful cover letter and interview. What you learn can even influence your final decision whether or not to take a position with the company.

Now, however, thanks to social media, prospective job seekers can easily start the process of gathering information by frequenting company blogs and signing up to receive professional RSS newsfeeds either on their corporation of choice or on activity in their chosen field. With this technology, hopeful future employees can be assured they are getting the latest and often most accurate information with a click of a mouse.

Social media has also opened up an entirely new way of learning about job openings. For many, the internet has replaced classified ads and head hunters altogether. Through social media, some are even able to hear about available work before the position is officially announced to the public. By subscribing to an online newsletter or newsfeed provided by relevant industry organizations, or to social networking profiles of the company you hope to work for in the future, you may sometimes be able to apply for a position earlier than your competition.

Now more popular than ever, the use of online social networking can lead to some great indirect resources for finding job openings as well. Through word of mouth, you can hear about positions in your field simply by letting it be publicly known that you are in the market for a position.

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Not only can social networking reveal openings in a business, but it can also help you learn how a company treats their employees, as well as give you an inside view of the interview process by those who have already gone through it. By signing up with both professional social media websites and basic social networking websites, you can put yourself in a position to learn valuable information.

Getting to know current employees adds an extra advantage in itself. Not only because knowledge will often be freely given about culture of the corporation, but friendships can be created which could lead to job alerts and even recommendations. Recommendations can often be a deciding point for the hiring division of any company. When it comes down to a choice between two qualified candidates, one good recommendation can be the difference between being hired or not.

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  • Josh Tolan says:

    Interesting points on how to leverage social media to find jobs. The benefit of social media is similar to the benefits of using online video in your job search: you can get to know employers more personally earlier in the process. If you reach out to hiring managers and recruiters through social media, you’ll be forming a more personal connection while showing them just how dedicated you are to the company.

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