How to Destroy Your Social Media Credibility Through Automation

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  • Tim Ryan says:

    Hi Mike – I work for RSS Graffiti and completely agree with you that not ALL posts should be automated. The best-case scenario is to manually post 100% of your content. However, not everyone has the time and/or resources to manually post all content for every situation. Take the City of Norwich/Chenango County Emergency Operations Center. They have a very savvy social media manager who manually posts often. However, he sees the value in automating frequent updates like emergency weather alerts. Another great example is a high-volume breaking news publisher like Engadget. While covering major events, say CES or SXSW, their reporters must uploaded fresh content early and often. To have to then manually post all of their breaking news to Facebook takes time away from getting the next hot story at the event.

    You’ve made a few claims and generalizations in your posts that might mislead people:

    1. Not all automation apps identify the name of the app. RSS Graffiti is no longer identified within an automated posts. Please check it out as it may have changed since you last used RSS Graffiti’s free tool.

    2. Really good social media managers understand the importance of aggregating, curating and distributing thoughtful content. It’s a big part of their role and probably takes the most time. You do give up some control in how you want to personalize and annotate a post when automating. However, RSS Graffiti allows users to customize and control the way their posts appear with a variety of post styles and the ability to annotate the headline. Users can also preview and change the look of their posts at any time. There’s a lot more flexibility than you report and it’s possible you’ve not used RSS Graffiti in a while.

    Automating posts is not for everyone but your title about destroying social media credibility through automation seems unfair. I invite you and your readers to check out RSS Graffiti. It’s not perfect but it’s one of many tools used by hundreds of thousands of experienced social media managers and smart marketers across the globe to help reach and engage their audiences.

    We’re going to be launching optional Premium features in May as well as a new brand look but will continue to offer our product 100% FREE.


    Tim Ryan
    RSS Graffiti

    • Hi Tim! Thanks so much for your comment. It has definitely been some time since I used your app and am happy to hear that there have been changes which warrant a closer look. I will give it another try and will definitely publish my findings.

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