How To Create Social Media Advocates For Your Brand

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  • Great article. I really liked the part where you have mentioned about giving customer a reason to talk. Being into business, our major priority should always be made on the content part.Rightly pointed that offering something value is worth sharing.

  • Great tips for creating brand advocates at any degree. I think that sharing tools are huge, as well as giving away something of value. The backscratching should be mutual. I’d like to add another great way to get people behind your brand is to resolve any issues or answer any questions as quickly as possible. While you’re doing this, be as kind and grateful for their business as you can. Just being empathetic goes far most times!

  • Thanks very much for the kind words, Ajay and Sarah.

    And, Sarah, I absolutely agree with you about offering quality customer service through social media. Many customers will use social networks to quickly reach out to brands if they have an issue. This is great! It gives brands a way to respond publicly to bad experiences, creating more goodwill if the situation is handled correctly.

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