How to Commit to Social Media Marketing

Like any successful business strategy, social media marketing takes a certain amount of time and committement before it shows its worth.  Many executives and top decision makers at companies are concerned that social media is not a useful endeavor for their companies. Some businesses view it as a fad, or as a technology that is still too new to make an impact.

Yes, social media is relatively new, but so is the internet in general when compare to traditional marketing tactics. The fact is, social media (which reaches beyond Facebook and Twitter and now extends to the majority of the internet) gives a huge amount of power to marketers when it is used correctly.

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Anyone involved in social media is aware that interaction in this medium has put the emphasis on the user and to some extent businesses and brands now have to taylor their message and information for the consumer more than ever before. Although many marketers and businesses have begun adjusting to this new mode of thinking, there are still some tactics that are not being taken full advantage of.

The information that people provide about themselves on social networks is a great sales tool for businesses. Our ability to follow peoples interestes outside of their job is a huge positive for business to business companies. With this new wealth of information, marketers and sales teams can mold their message to the target audience, based on what those users specifically enjoy and engage on.

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Futhermore, the ability to reach out to people on social networks who are specifically looking for content is a great way to reach new audiences. Consider the fact the number of monthly searches on Twitter is estimated to be over 32 billion, more than Bing and Yahoo combined. That means there is a huge group of potential customers searching for information.

Businesses need to pay attention to the keywords people are searching and make sure to listen to users, as opposed to constantly pushing content on them. Connecting with these users with a blance of listening and useful content is a great way to develop relationships that can be nurtured into customer conversions.

In terms of content, it is important to maintain a balance between what satisfies the needs of the business, as opposed to what satisfies the needs of the user. 13% of users follow a brand or business based on their content. As mentioned previously, the emphasis on the user in social media is a necessary to adjust to. Businesses must determine what information drives users to the website and what information they tend to engage and convert on. 20% of Google searches each day have never been searched before which means businesses need to constantly change and adapt their information to the needs of potential customers.

Success in social media marketing takes time, just as building lasting and benefitting relationships in the traditional business sense takes time. In order to see positive results from a social media presence, businesses must commit to the work and time needed for social media with an open mind.

That’s not to say there shouldn’t be business goals – increasing brand awareness, sales, etc. are the purpose for engaging ins ocial media. However, social media is relatively new and although it doesn’t work the same way as previous marketing tactics it has huge potential for businesses willing to put in the effort.

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