How to Advertise Your Business Using the Best Social Media Platforms

There are many different social media tools available to business owners. How many different types of social media tools have you heard of? You most likely have heard of at least a few. Having heard of social media tools, however, does not guarantee you know how to use them to promote your business. There are a handful of widely popular social media outlets that allow users to easily and effectively advertise a product or service.


LinkedIn is a social networking tool which allows a person to join and set up a profile complete with resume. This is a great site for business networking, and networking is a great promotional tool. To use LinkedIn, you simply add a new profile with all of the relevant information. You can then connect with others in your field, friends, supervisors, and the like. You can mention your business and your business goals or other subjects you want to emphasize, such as a new product or service.


Blogging is a great way to promote your business. It involves writing short, friendly, informative articles about a given topic. That topic may be your business or something involving your business. You can then write articles promoting your business, inviting comments and questions. You can add links to your article or interactive activities such as polls and quizzes. The best blogging services are the ones that are most widely used and can be published directly to the web. Some services take some getting used to, but it is fairly easy to navigate the basics.

Web Content Sites

Web Content Sites are sites that allow articles to be published to provide information in a more formal structure than a blog. The articles that appear on these types of sites are generally listed within Google’s search rankings for a given keyword. You can publish information related to your business on a web content site and invite others to react to it with comments or views. You can also link to relevant information.


Twitter is a social media tool allowing members to publish short sentences of information with 140 characters or less. This can be a very effective marketing tool. You can publish a link with a little blurb. You can publish a poignant thought or call-to-action. The need to be terse can produce a unique quality of thought. Potential customers are also more likely to pay attention to something short and sweet, rather than long and drawn out.

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YouTube is a web site allowing users to submit their very own videos and share them with the community. Someone looking to promote almost anything can do so very easily using this site. Promotional videos are very easy to produce. The videos can then be uploaded to the site to be viewed by the user community at large. There is a very large potential scope of viewers with this tool.

These social media tools are very common, very widespread, and very user friendly. They all have a very wide audience and can be used advantageously to that effect. The audience combined with the usability and usage of the sites leads to a better promotional effect.

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