How the Physics of Social Media Could Kill Your Marketing Strategy

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  • Great article Mark and spot on. Marketing has become much more of a full-contact activity that cannot be outsourced to an agency or phoned in. You have to roll up you sleeves and get involved.

  • Jacob Ellinger says:

    The answer is actually quite simple. speaking as both a consumer and web head that grew up with the internet. Simply find a large internet fandom, mlp,halo,pokemon or whatever it may be and appeal to them through OTHER sites and let word of mouth do the advertising for you. for instance. Say I own a fast food chain and I want to get more people to know about it. I than spend a bit of money to pay for a video to be filmed with some cool effects that makes it look at if all my fast food joints are run by huge robots that look a lot like the ones in a popular video game series. I than post this video to youtube with all the appropriate tags and post links to said video on sites like Halolz. Than you let the fandom do the work for me. mlp did this exact same thing by making a parody of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”. The rules have not really changed “get your stuff seen by more people than the other guy” the only thing that has changed is the tools. imo I think it has actually gotten much easier to get your product seen by consumers depending on the type of product and granted it has gotten harder for other kinds of products to use this method, but that will change as the people who use the internet age. Give it a few years, sure where seeing a fall in marketing ability or whatever you want to call it, but that is just because things like “own corporate stocks” or “get your dream home built” are things that for the most part people over 40 are interested in. but in 20 more years people like me are going to be that age and with a little luck and a lot of hard work will have the finances to get that kind of nice stuff. And I’ll be waiting to see that next big you-tube video about getting home owners insurance that protects against aliens from that new summer blockbuster.

  • John says:

    Thank you, for the article. I didn’t get bored to read. Great techniques, as a blogger and content writer, this will help me alot.

  • Will says:

    I cant believe you actually wrote “…I make up most of my statistics any way…” Really!

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