How Often Should You Post On Your Facebook Business Page?

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  • Just like AOL dominated in the 90s, Facebook is dominating in the 10’s. History repeats itself, AOL fell quickly. I’m sure something will come along, steal Facebook’s thunder an we will see a rapid fall, mass exodus.

    What will take over? Nothing on the horizon.. so probably something new. Something social, something realtime, location, mobile, etc.. Namesak does this well, also Lissn is a unique social

  • Even though the verdict is still out on just how much is too much, your post offers some very good advice from Dan Zarella regarding posting behavior patterns.

    As always, “content is king.” This cliche will continue to govern our actions in Social Media for as far as we can see. One thing will never change. We are dealing with the human attention span. It has no patience for poor quality “stuff.”

    My personal thought regarding posting on a Facebook business page can be summed up by an even older cliche that I learned back in high school: “Writing (in this case posting) needs to be as along as a piece of string. Long enough to tie things up.”

    In other words, post something if you believe it is something your Facebook friends really need to know and will appreciate seeing. Anything more is overkill. And, DO monitor your FB presence to see what works and what doesn’t.

    Marc LeVine
    ICA Social Media
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