Hedge Funds Capitalising on Social Chatter

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  • The authors did not mention that there is a full fledged hedge fund live, based on scientific research, which trades on analyzing millions of twitter tweets.

    I met with the “Twitter hedge fund” founder Paul Hawtin early July this year in his office in London, just one week after he went live.

    The video can be viewed here: http://www.opalesque.tv/youtube/Paul_Hawtin/1

    You will hear him talk about interesting details like:

    – How the Twitter hedge funds’s signals are computed

    – Operational set up and infrastructure of Derwent

    – Trade generation

    – The “Michael Jackson” Test: Is the Twitter hedge fund an automated black box?

    – Risk Management

    – Will large scale analysis of social media be part of quant trading and investing from now on?

    – Who is invested in the Twitter hedge fund?

    – Capacity, Target return

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