Google+ and Pinterest on the Rise

Google+ wrote an article about the increase in third party logins from Google+ and Pinterest. These numbers are from Gigya , this site tracks social login. When people want to use a website or comment on a website instead of creating a new username and password they can log in through social media networks. Gigya enables this and according to their numbers Google + and Pinterest are fast gaining traction but Facebook is still in the lead. This numbers do not indicate the amount of traffic these social media networks get.

Facebook is at 54% and Google+ is 24%. Google+ numbers are remarkable because in 2011 they were at 12% so that is a 12% increase in 2 years. Pinterest meanwhile has surpassed Facebook in e-commerce bringing in 41% to Facebook’s 37%. With these numbers in mind, we have decided to show you how using Google+ and Pinterest could benefit your brand.

Advantages of Google+

Service Integration
While using Google+ you do not have to log out to use any of Google’s service. From the Google search bar to YouTube, you are covered. If you are using any of its other sites you are still logged in so you can get updates in its navigation bar. You can monitor all your Google+ events include messages and updates. It has easily accessible services from any website.

With Google+ your “friends” are in a circle and this is divided into categories. You have circles for friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc which is very much like the relationships we have in real life. The way we communicate to people in these groups are different and Google+ circle helps illustrate that.

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Mobile App
The Google+ app is sleek and easier to navigate than other sites. Getting content from that platform is way more easier and functional especially if you have an Android.

Unlike Facebook, which hoards all your information with Google+, you can get all your data and walk away. Google+ has a tool called data liberation (fitting) which helps you simply download the information you have from google websites.

Benefits of Pinterest

Pinterest gives you a platform to highlight your products. On Pinterest you have different mood boards so with your products you can create different mood boards for different products. It gives your audience a shopping experience which helps if you are selling something. If you are not, it is still a way to display your awesome goods!

Brand identity
Pinterest helps in building your brand identity, which cannot be, stressed enough. The images you post show your values and what inspires you. It should also portray a lifestyle your consumers can relate to. With your product, they should be able to envision themselves using it.

Engaging your audience
Audience engagement is important. Pinterest is a very powerful tool for word of mouth. This generates interest in your company and brings in more consumers. The audience in Pinterest is specific so it is important to match your brand’s audience to theirs so you know you are reaching the right target audience. With Pinterest consumers can comment and leaving their opinions in the comment box so Pinterest is a great way to get instant feedback.

Overall, while Pinterest and Google+ are showing adequate improvements Facebook still has an advantage regarding overall brand presence. It is up to you to choose which social media platforms works best for your brand.

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