Going Postal: Social Media Tries To Save Snail Mail

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  • Jason Fifield says:

    Yes, tailored delivery of content is growing, however Direct Mail still is the #1 way consumers prefer to receive solicitation of offers. There is currently more consumer control for ads than online as I can choose to toss my DM in the trash or look at it. I have also made a mental decision to give permission to that advertiser to pitch me if I choose to look. There is a lot of online content that “pops up” or is somewhere else on the page I’m viewing when I’m not ready or interested in getting pitched to.
    According to marketing firm Epsilon Targeting’s latest annual Consumer Channel Preference Study, the channels consumers prefer to receive marketing messages via remain relatively consistent, with, again, direct mail being the most preferred delivery method.
    BTW, if it really bothers you, one can opt out of receiving most DM advertising with a simple email or phone call. Cheers!

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