Gigya: The Social Media and Data Tool Your Business Is Missing

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  • Wow, at least you could’ve pretended to write an informational post. The only thing missing from here is how much you got paid to write this. I have nothing against Gigya but hate it when I end up wasting my time reading a paid commercial cloaking to be informative.

    It is harsh but is also the truth.

  • I’m sorry you felt this way! I tried to gather data and information from sources around the web. I don’t own a business or run an online business so I did not have the opportunity to try the service myself. But, it was difficult to find anything negative about Gigya. Please let me know if you have any information that would make this post better. I’m certainly open to criticism, especially the kind that will make my work better.
    The article was primarily directed at businesses that might not have looked into Gigya or even discovered it yet and how it could help them grow.

  • Hi Patrick–thanks for quoting me in your article. I agree about Gigya, and I also was not paid by gigya to write an article, they just have a great technology :)

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