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There are thousands of social media users who fit your demographic; fans and followers who would most likely be enamoured with your product or service, but just don’t quite know of your existence…yet. We often discuss the organic evolution of potential fans to brand advocates, how your brand can enhance its online presence to attract consumers, or what type of campaign you can run to spark engagement – but sometimes you need to be the active pursuer, in a subtle way. Blatant self-promotion on social media is certainly a no-no, but we aren’t talking hard selling, we’re talking a friendly introduction and a wooing process. Here are three ways to use social media to generate new leads by playing the subtle pursuer.

1. Twitter Advanced Search, Your New Sales Assistant

Twitter is exceptional for generating leads because of the way the platform is designed. Jump into the conversations taking place about your industry using Twitter’s Advanced Search option. We’ve talked about the power of this tool before, but specifically when trying to reach a very distinct group of individuals, this tool is your new sales assistant. Take full advantage of it by refining your search all the way down to the mile radius of your target demographic or your store location.

For car dealership client Marina Del Rey Toyota, we generate new leads by refining the search to key phrases like, “car shopping,” “want Toyota,” and more to locate users in the targeted area on the search for a new car, or have questions about Toyotas.

Here, we located a consumer using the “car shopping” key phrase. We offer helpful information about the specific car she is interested and invite her for a test drive the following weekend. Since we were mindful of location during our search, this is a very promising lead as she is already in the market for a vehicle and is a local resident.

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2. Physically Monitor Your Interactions

Don’t let valuable interactions fall to the wayside. Physically keep track of promising engagements by creating some kind of record, like an excel spreadsheet or Google doc. Track the exact details of the conversation. What sparked the interaction? Which search terms did you use? Was there an incentive offered? When did the interaction take place? These details will help you with the follow-up process and also show your potential consumer that you cared and listened to their needs.  

3. Always Follow-up

The subtle purser will always follow-up, but you must be mindful that you are a brand on social media and you need to be careful in your approach. Give off the slightest vibe of self-promotion, and your brand will come off grossly salesy, diminishing your efforts. Create a Twitter list of potential followers you engaged in the past and give them a week or so to get the opportunity to check out your services or product. Take interest in something they are tweeting about to jump into the conversation, and if it feels right, you can ask them about their experience with your brand or product. If they respond that they have not yet visited your store front or website, offer something to give them a reason to come in or browse your site.

Marina Del Rey Toyota offers a $25 gas card to promising followers who come in for a test drive. We make the entire process very human and special by also giving out the sales manager’s direct Twitter handle to schedule the test drive. This creates a huge incentive for a follower to take action (who wouldn’t want to cash in on free gas!), while also giving Marina Del Rey Toyota a face behind the brand.

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