From Social Connections to Brand Advocates


It’s Easier Than You Think

You’ve worked hard to gain the following that you have on each of your active social channels. You have hundreds if not thousands of fans on Facebook, just as many followers on Twitter, and even your LinkedIn profile and YouTube channel are getting some excellent exposure lately. Things look like they’re really working out for your brand, and that’s great….until this growth and activity begins to stall.

There is only so much that you can do on your own if you want to see your brand’s social activity continuing to grow and remain active. Instead of waiting until you’ve hit the wall, why not take the time now to start cultivating some additional resources to help you out along the way?

Helping Your Fans and Followers Help Your Brand

If you’ve been around for even a little while, you know that one of the worst moves you can make as a marketer is to try to tell your social connections to do anything. People don’t like being told what to do, even if it’s something that might have done anyway. A better approach is to learn more about your target audience, what they like / want / need, and then help show them how to help you give it to them. In a situation like this, there are far more winners than people missing out because of a poor approach.

Use this checklist to get in touch with your greatest resource & harness its power

  1. Track down potential brand advocates – Amongst your current social connections are those who are already talking about you and sharing your content. These are the people you will want to focus on as they are more likely to convert into active advocates for your brand.
  2. Listen to your social connections – Now that you’ve identified your potential promoters, listen to what they’re saying, and not just the things about your brand. See what interests them, what incites them to action, and take this information to use in the future.
  3. Strengthen your bonds – Armed with your knowledge thusfar, make contact with those connections you have identified as being potential brand advocates. Introduce them to new and interesting things about your brand, accept any feedback they can give you, and praise them even as you encourage them to continue praising you.
  4. Ensure maximum sharing of content – Make sure that any content you publish is easy to share. Even the staunchest brand advocate is going to be reluctant to share something if they must go out of their way in order to do so. Social sharing buttons on your blog and website are good examples of things that can make sharing your content even easier for your promoters. If possible, publish a sampler of this content with a link to the full piece on your social networks to enable further sharing.
  5. Give your advocates the power – As difficult as it might be, you eventually will need to step back and allow your advocates the choice to promote you or not. This choice must be theirs or their promotion of you could sound forced or feel false, both things that will lessen the likelihood that these same people will continue to act as your brand advocates in the future.

The goal of identifying those among your connections who might become promoters and advocates for your brand and empowering them with the motivation and opportunities to make their voices heard is a situation that benefits both your brand and these helpful individuals. People who fall into the advocate / promoter category are going to be some of the most valuable brand assets you will ever find online, so take care to help and support them and they will surely do the same for you!


What kinds of things do you do to reach out to your brand’s advocates and potential promoters?

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