Five Tips for Social Media Success

Whether you are a large international business with a team of Social Media Experts, a small business running your own Marketing Campaign or any size business in between your Social Marketing Strategy should contain certain elements for success.

Follow these tips to ensure your Social Campaign will work and make your business look great:

1.       Talk Don’t Hawk

Many businesses get on Social Site and start selling, hawking their wares. In fact all they ever do is post updates or tweets that do nothing but sell.  Friends, Followers and Connections will quickly abandon your accounts if all you do is try to convince them to buy your products or services.  Talk to your Friends and Followers, engage with your Connections.  Share information about your services, and focus on content that your audience will find useful, interesting or even entertaining.

2.       Engage – Connect – ListenListen

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The goal of social media is to a form relationship with Followers.  Posting relevant content that encourages Followers and Friends to comment and interact helps your Brand Recognition at several different levels.   Listen first, see what your Friends and Followers are interested in and then give them content that fits. Remember to respond to comments on your page – even negative ones or complaints.  Negative comments or complaints are great opportunities for you to either fix the problem or at least explain your position.

3.       Advertise

Use The Facebook Ad feature to advertise your products/services.  Facebook has made advertising affordable and user-friendly.  Advertising the correct way will show that you understand how social media works; it shows respect for the Facebook Community.  It will also help extend your reach, and may increase the number of “likes” on your Page, ultimately leading to more sales.

4.       Special Offers and Give-Aways

Everyone likes getting something for free and everyone likes feeling special.  Giving a free sample of your product or even free advice in the form of a webinar or tip sheet can create good will far beyond the cost of the give-away. People will appreciate the gesture. If they like what you are giving them, you may win a customer – better yet, you may win a fan who tells others about you.

5.       Show Gratitude

quoteBe sure to communicate to all of your Brand’s Friends and Followers how grateful you are that they are there.   Studies have shown that thanking volunteers increases the chances they will volunteer again.  A simple “thank you” for a nice comment or “Share” will encourage people to continue that behavior.

In addition to running an organized and quality Social Marketing Campaign, following these tips within your strategy will help you achieve Social Media Success.

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