Finally, A REAL Use for Foursquare That Justifies Its Valuation

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    • Thanks, Joan! I haven’t used Foursquare in months, as the technology was buggy and there wasn’t much point. Based on the ideas discussed at IGNITION last week, it seems as though the company could find a way to provide value to end-users (as I discuss in the article above). Let’s just hope they execute!

  • What a load of baloney!! Why do you people dream up these business models for hyper inflated startups like Foursquare. If this, if that.. then that.. and next thing you know.. valuation 10billion.
    Lets see some users actually take up such an offering from foursquare if ever there is one. Right now I’m not even convinced about this checkIn concept. Have you analyzed the demographic of people actually doing these checkIns, type of checkIn location. Then do you think that demographic will actually every take up group buying and payments. Combine that with slew of NFC options coming next year that will make payments so easy. So, why dream up such a scenario full of if and buts. To further hype foursquare? Its like a hidden game these days.
    Write about some companies actually executing their business model.

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