Facebook + Waze: Social Media Marketing Tool to Drool Over

Waze AppThe latest hullabaloo at Facebook could be a very profound acquisition that should make every marketer salivate – especially Inbound Marketers.

The well-known social GPS app, Waze, has been making its way through the media in the last week as the two companies have been sizing each other up from afar. Each largest search tools, Google and Bing, has a map function; Facebook shouldn’t be without one either. Waze takes social travel, GPS directions and real-time road condition updates and mashes them into one easy app.

In all seriousness, if you haven’t checked out Waze, you at least need to visit their homepage and watch the “What’s New” clip.

Could this be the time that Facebook trumps Google?

The combination of both Facebook and Waze could give marketers access to not only knowing who your customer base is but more about them — analytics not previously available through Facebook check-ins. By offering common data like how many times a user has gotten gas at one particular station, the overall effectiveness of Facebook Analytics in response to organic and paid promotions will be more effectively pinpointed.

Google has yet to tie Google+ into their Maps function to create the same effective platform. That’s just it: Facebook could trump Google. In the race to own mobile marketing and mobile search, who would be winning if the deal went through?

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The closest acquisition Google had that resembled anything close to this magnitude was Double Click, which tracks data and can draw a direct correlation to the overall effectiveness of ads through Google.

The effect of the $1 billion acquisition of Waze would show immediate benefit to B2C companies using social media as part of their marketing or advertising strategy. To put things into dollar perspective, Facebook acquired Instagram for the same price tag.

As a consumer though, how willing are you to log into your Facebook account on each website you visit? Sites that selectively limit access through Facebook gain great analytic insight but often lose the part of their interactive audience who isn’t willing to give up their personal information.

The latest stumbling block in the agreement is whether Waze R&D will stay in Israel or move to be US-based.

What are your thoughts on logging into your favorite GPS tool through Facebook? Do you see yourself using this type of feature?

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