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You can now add your Facebook page to your Klout score, with one major caveat: if you’ve already connected your Facebook profile, it will now replace that with the page that you choose.

If you admin a Facebook page with a much higher interaction level than your profile, this might be worth it, but for most individuals, it probably will be better for you to leave your profile connected, instead of a page.

If you want to see how your Facebook page might change your Klout score, click the little wheel on your Klout page, go to “Connect Networks”, then click “Connect as a Facebook page you manage” to pick the page. If you then want to change back to your profile, you’ll have to go back to “Connect Networks” and Unlink your Facebook, then reconnect it.

Recently, Klout added Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger and Last.fm, so if you are active on any of these, make sure you add them to increase your score.

They still list Quora, Yelp, Posterous, WordPress and Google+ as “Coming Soon!”

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