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Social Media is a major player when it comes to time on site and traffic referrals. Constantly, brands are trying to harness this tool to reach out to their customer base in an informal way. Social has allowed the interaction between customer and company to be fluid and simple. However, many companies today still focus more on numerical factors such as number of fans or number of likes. Their primary goal should not be quantitative as much as it should be qualitative.

Engagement is the be all and end all to Social Media success. Those who take advantage of it often generate positive results. Those who avoid or underutilize their social engagement could be missing out on improving reputation and customer service. Knowing who your customer base is and having the ability to easily interact with them is a gift to any company.

Traditional Customer Service used to be handled through email or phone, now it is shifting towards social. What better way to display testimonials for everyone to see then on Social Media. It is a public place where a viewer can get a sense of your company just by looking at your profile page. Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Other than Customer Service, Social Media can be used as a launching point for new products, ideas, or promotions. Also just generating interest or starting a discussion will show the human aspect of your company. It will show viewers that there is an actual human being behind the screen who has something to say and will gladly interact with me.

Companies need to become more human, in a sense of making the customer feel like they are dealing with someone real. With so much business being done online, the human element of communication seems to be changing. For example, you go to a grocery store and you can see the employees and interact with them on a face to face level. Online businesses cannot offer you that luxury, so they use their Social Networks to fill in the human gaps.

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