Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies Need a Powerful Content Plan

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  • Could not agree more Vickie! Content is vital to any online marketing!

  • Cheyserr says:

    Thanks for the tips Vickie. However my most common and recurring problem is inspiration. To create such an awesome content, you needs a lot of inspiration. If I can only download inspiration on google I surely will. If you have any suggestion for me regarding that matter, I will gladly appreciate it.

  • Thank you for commenting, Cheyserr. Each person often has a unique approach to maintaining a steady supply of content ideas. Here are a few you might find helpful: watch what is trending in your area and write about it when you have something different to say; keep a running list of ideas that come to you from customer conversations, social media interactions, vendor relationships, whatever; or bring your team together (if you have one) to discuss topics, and write about the best ideas of the team. I hope this helps.

  • I recently got back from the Social Media Marketing World conference, and Content was definitely one of the hot topics. Thanks for putting this together; for folks interested, we aggregated the top 11 takeaways from the top minds of social at #SMMW13 in a social media marketing strategy infographic. Hope it’s helpful!

  • Leslie,
    Thank you for your comment and update. I regret being unable to attend the conference. I would like to echo your endorsement of the top takeaways and encourage all following this to check out the infographic.

  • I’m glad you brought up this topic about having a content plan.. and did someone say ‘Content is King’ up to date? It just makes sense to post content that will help solve your target market’s pain points – because that’s probably what they’ll type in the searches and when they do, your site better be found. Thanks for the tips!

  • Nick Lewis says:

    Excellent post, Vickie.

    I think more and more people are now realising that Social Media is just an extension of traditional marketing practices used for businesses, and that just because most social networks are free at the point of use does not mean that the marketing content that businesses require will also be automatically generated for them!

    In many ways, the need for good content and the multitude of channels of social networks or platforms has *added* (and not eased) the marketing burden on most companies, meaning that content is still king when it comes to communications.

  • ray says:

    Great article Vickie, thanks. I find that getting original content to write about can be both frustrating and fulfilling. As a person trying to get into the SM career path, how does one find good content to write about when you don’t have much experience? Thanks

  • Lynn says:

    great article. can you share an example of (5) the chart/grid with topics, audiences and platforms. From reading this, there seems to be more info than an x and y axis can hold and I”m having trouble visualizing. thanks!!! Lynn

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