Do You Know Where Your Clients are on Social Media?

Do you know where your clients are?This phrase is really overdone? Most people raise their hands and say the obvious yes. I know, I used to do that too.

Today, I would turn that message around and say the following:

Do clients know you are on social media?

I would follow-up with a few other questions.

  • Do they know where to find you?
  • Are they interested in what you are talking about?

Believe it or not, you and your company are the news. Everyday, you have the opportunity to bring the news to your clients and prospective clients. It’s time to start making quality news, not noise. There is a difference. In addition, people want to connect with people, not just news. If you are a business owner, you need to start wearing your marketing hat and get people to know who you are online and in the community. The dynamics are changing and people are starting to use tools like Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin to connect with other people and companies. In 2013, I have seen a big increase in the number of connections to my company blog page and social media sites. In addition, these numbers are also migrating from traditional pc’s to the mobile network.

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If you are a marketer, you need to follow and track where your clients are following you from and how they are receiving your company information. However, you need to give them something to follow. The big fallacy is trying to build a market first, without any content or interaction with clients. This process takes time and frankly, it’s time to get in the game now. Believe me, once you get your content and distribution of that content together and distributed on social media sites, then you have the right mix for success on social media.

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  • Great post and particularly the comment: start making quality news, not noise.

    Social works with quality! When I hear SMB’s say its not working for them and all I see are Promote / Promote / Promote its exactly the point of this post!

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