Divide and Conquer: How Social Media Outlets for Brands Within a Brand Pays

If you are looking to grow your social media presence, there is no better place to start than by taking a look at the social media successes of the companies who have gone before. As you get together a new marketing plan, you may find yourself asking the common questions of what works, what does not work, and where is a good place for your company’s marketing campaign to start?

While it is already common knowledge that social media is the major marketing tool of the present and the future, and is an essential component for business growth, some companies have employed social media better than others.

In July of this year, the DreamTeamGroup celebrated having over 2 million social media followers, making it the most widely followed Investor Relations, Public Relations and Social Media Relations firm on the market. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the DreamTeamGroup provides stock market news, happenings and trading ideas through 27 individual brands. Each brand has a different specific focus within the larger organizational umbrella and comes with its own Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account in an attempt to engage the wider investment community.

Each of these 27 brands has its own team of experts that determine and monitor the available information, and its own separate set of followers. One of the brands includes Action Picks, which provides information on penny stocks and over-the-counter stock markets to help subscribers make more educated investment decisions. This brand within the DTG brand boasts some of the company’s lower social media numbers, with only 3,378 Facebook friends and 8,845 followers on Twitter.

Aggressive Stocks, which provides a newsletter of stock picks from well-funded companies with PR and Investor Relations Programs boasts over 21,000 Facebook friends and over 16,000 Twitter followers. And Got Stocks? Which reviews thousands of stocks to determine candidates with high potential for gains, has over 83,000 Twitter followers.

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The divide and conquer experiment seems to be working. The DreamTeamGroup was one of the first investor oriented marketing companies to actively use social media to connect with followers when it began using Twitter in 2008. According to the DTG’s website, social media is a pivotal tool that should be used to distribute company news, promote investor interaction and provide instant updates. By dividing their company into several more niche brands, each brand has been able to focus on finding its own specific set of followers that feed into the larger whole.

Maybe the old war heroes had it right, and dividing and conquering is still the way to go. In both ancient wars and the constant battle for social media followers.

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