Cheat Sheet: Image Sizes for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn

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Chances are, your business is on at least one social media network. (If not, read how to decide which social media is right for your business.) These networks are outposts, or extensions, of your business and should be branded just like you would your own company website. Thankfully, most of the networks provide space for you to brand your social media account. The tricky part is figuring out the pixel size and image dimensions for each network, since they are all different!!

Well, look no further! We’ve created a cheat sheet with the image sizes for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Profile Picture

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128 x 128 pixels

Must be <700kb when uploaded, which is resized to 48 x 48 pixels in the stream

twitter image size

Background Sizing (Visible space between left side and content)

This is more tricky, as the background is left-aligned and will show up differently based on the screen resolution of the user’s browser.

    • 90% see 71 pixels
    • 65% see 199 pixels
    • 40% see 242 pixels
    • 20% see 279 pixels

twitter background sizeTo ensure most people see your content, don’t exceed 200 pixels across.


Cover Photos

851 x 315 pixels

Note: If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will get stretched to this larger size, so try to create something with these specific dimensions.

To get the best quality image and fastest load times for your Page, upload a JPG file that’s less than 100 kilobytes.

Page Profile Pictures

These display at 160 x 160 pixels, however, the photo you upload must be at least 180 x 180 pixels.

Your profile picture and cover photo go together, so have fun and be creative with your overall look. There are lots of ways to do this… Edi shares some of her favorite creative uses of the Facebook cover and profile photos. 

facebook image dimensions


Cover Photo

940 x 180 pixels

This can be animated using a .gif

Profile Picture

250 x 250 pixels

As with Facebook, your profile photo and cover photo are together, so keep that in mind when designing your cover photo. The two photos should flow together to show a complete picture of your brand.

google+ image dimensions


LinkedIn allows for the least amount of customization/branding on your company’s LinkedIn page.

Standard Logo

100 x 60 pixels

File options are PNG, JPEG, or GIF; max size 2 MB.

Square Logo

50 x 50 pixels

The square logo is used in the network updates.

File options are PNG, JPEG, or GIF; max size 2 MB.

Spotlight Banner

640 x 220 pixels

Thanks to Anne Williams, I’ve discovered SpotLight Banners. These are on the product/services page of a company profile and essentially enable you to place a CTA that links to an outside site (ie, a landing page on your company website).

LinkedIn spotlight banner size

Sometimes social media can be overwhelming. Learn how to get more out of social media in less time!

What other tips do you have for branding social media accounts?

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