Cheap and Sharp Ways to Use Social Media for Customer Service

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  • An excellent article providing some basic and insightful information. Customer service has undergone a 360 degree change over the last few years. Companies have become more responsive and are taking great efforts to understand their consumers in a better manner. One minor lapse here could mean the customer switching to another brand/product/service.

    Hence when communicating with them over social media platforms, it’s best to be polite, understand their queries and concerns and respond positively. If the issue is going to take a bit of time to get resolved, inform the same to the customer but do get back to him with the solution.

    A few basic things to consider and you can be a master at providing efficient customer service.

  • It may be true that 67% of companies are using social media for customer service. But a tremendous disconnect exists since only 31% of social media complaints receive a response. Here are some reasons why complaints registered via social media are falling through the cracks:

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