Brands Need to Listen to Women in Social Networks

Women have already consolidated their power in social networks and position themselves as major influencers in the online arena. An environment, in which, they operate with ease, and that have learned to harness their benefits. Therefore, women have become the primary objective of all public social media strategy, forcing brands to show interest in the study of their behavior, in order to meet their needs. However, 91% of women say that brands and advertisers do not understand them.

Brands still have trouble to know their interests and needs, in order to design a message intended for them.


Pinterest is the quintessential female social network. Forbes estimated that between 72% and 97 % of its users are women, while men are more inclined to use Google+.  From the outset, this sector of the population was able to appreciate its potential, and the network has become planks in one of his main sources of inspiration and influence when it comes to buying and purchasing behavior.

In addition, it is also here where the users with higher incomes are represented, 61% acknowledged having used it in the last 6 months for making their minds up about purchasing certain products or gain feedback on future purchases, which means double the rest of the population.

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Facebook does not escape the domain of females. The 58% of profiles registered in the network is vastly coming from women, a true sign of social skills in this segment of the population and their interest in maintaining contact with their environment, which shares, discover and discuss information and content.


Women have also been able to exercise their power in Twitter. There are indications in this study that the opposite gender is ahead by 6%, enough to show their dominance. Women’s interests revolve around family and fashion, while in the case of men focus on technology, sports and business.

It is vital to point out that women outnumber men in social networks, and besides, they are also more active in the 2.0 world. The work published by my Life and Harris Interactive, was collected that 1 in 4 women check their social profiles even before their email is a daily activity that attempt to awake brands and inform them of the power of this gender.

In addition, their growing purchasing power makes them a premier public for brands. It doesn’t come as a surprise that women are responsible for 85% of purchases, including even male sectors such as the automotive priori. The volume of purchases of this niche market is valued at five billion dollars a year.

They have taken advantage of their innate qualities for communication, and that concern for the environment to position themselves as major influencers in the online arena. A profile that is particularly evident in the case of mothers who share, comment and recommend products and brands they like. 59% of moms that have purchased a product recognize that they have done so because another mom had recommended it anywhere. 44% showed being influenced by the purchase of another friend, or that she was brand on social networks.

What is striking about this report is that it reflects that more than half of women even consider the fact as a responsibility, to help their friends and family to make the best decision.

Instead, when it comes to complains and give feedback, 91% of women complain that brands and advertisers do not understand them. However, Brands still have not bothered to know their interests and needs, in order to design a message intended for them. A fact to which companies cannot keep going back, and need to find a way to address, as they are the main source of word of mouth online.

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