Brand Advocate Fired Over Tweet

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  • jessia says:

    There seems to be a few important pieces of information missing here
    I am a customer of sendgrid and i have been following this from the start so let me help you out. because to me, she is making us who are for the cause look bad

    1)Adria attended a pycon , so did the 2 developers. They were sitting behind her and were friendly with others.

    2)they were talking and she eavesdropped on them. They were just joking amongst themselves and IN NOW WAY SHE WAS INCLUDED IN DISCUSSION.

    3)She heard , imparted a sexist meaning to their words and this is where she should have simply asked them to stop

    4)She took their pic and posted it on her twitter, PUBLICLY HUMILIATING THEM before her over9000 followers.

    5)She then complained to the company and the guy was fired from his job.

    6)The guy, with 3 kids and a wife to support, made a statement apolozising to her on hackernews

    7)She replied to him, that she made a blogpost about her “adventure”, and she really did rant in her blog further adding injury to insult.

    8)Hackers who knew full story started DDOsing her blog and sendgrid. While I dont agree with their methods, this is what happened

    9)Sendgrid which lost most of its business made a statement , firing her, expecting the attacks to stop. thats one guess the other is she is a public relations person, and her public image is tarnished so she cannot do her job properly anymore

    This person has a history of making insensitive comments on her own twitter account. She even made a sexual joke on twitter while at the convention she was attending.

    I am sorry but I cannot support her, as she is making us look bad


  • David says:

    This article is disingenuous in that it does not print what the two men actually said at the conference within earshot of Adria, the comments they made were extremely lighthearted and were not phrased in a sexual manner at all. She had quite obviously gone on a hateful bullying spree and saw to it that someone was punished for what she believed to be insulting. You cannot have someone like that in a PR position. If you look through her previous tweets, they are often racially charged and some are blatantly offensive. Claims that “black people can’t be racist” etc, show that she was a time bomb waiting to go off.

  • Jimmy Russells says:

    Could you please report the facts in a objective manner please. Your lack of any journalistic credibility is astounding.

  • Janeth says:

    I would have fired her for causing a problem, rather it be on online or offline. Somethings should be handled in private and this would have been no different then her yelling and screaming in the offline world.

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