Betcha Didn’t Know These 5 Things About Wikipedia

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  • Joe, you’ve been sold a bill of goods by Beutler, I’m afraid. Before you jump on the “these are all myths” bandwagon, maybe you should inform yourself of other sources that refute most of these purported myth-busting notions.

    Copy editing tip: You’ve repeated #4, and you misused “its”.

    My website link provided here is a useful place for you to go, in order to start learning how the documented facts actually paint Wikipedia and its governors in a rather darker light.

  • Business 2 Community says:

    Hi Gregory,

    Thanks for the tip about the repeated #4 and the grammar error. It has been fixed.

    Thanks for reading!


  • DeShaun says:

    After you’ve been editing Wikipedia for a while and you stumble across a website with a typo, it’s a bit disconcerting to mouse up to where the edit button should be and realize you’re not on a wiki. You’ll likely want to delete one of the #4’s in your article.

    Thanks for your work on a great Grande Guide for Wikipedia. Knowledge is power.

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