The Best Social Platforms For Video Marketing

Social video, which is often defined as social media + online video, is presenting new opportunities and allowing businesses and organizations to take video content beyond their websites and directly to their audience and potential customers, meeting them right where they socialize. The top two social media outlets embracing social video are Vine and Instagram, with more social video opportunities are forming every day. eMarketer reports that video advertising spending will increase by over 40% in 2013, and 69% of agency executives are planning to run video campaigns in 2014 on Youtube. Even though Facebook video ads have still not officially launched, 49% of agency executives claimed they would run a video campaign on Facebook when it’s available.

With these impressive numbers, there’s no doubt social video advertising will be huge in 2014. So how can your business benefit from incorporating social video into your marketing campaigns? Here are some of the top social video platforms to consider.



It’s safe to say Vine is here to stay. Twitter’s social video sharing tool has gained rapid popularity and many brands are using the six-second loop videos in creative ways to engage their audiences and build brand visibility. Brands are using the platform to create mini-advertisements, behind-the-scenes tours, contests, and more. Vine videos can be viewed and shared from directly within Twitter and it’s easy to capture your audience’s attention.

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Instagram Video


This mobile photo editing and sharing app added 15-second video option to create a complete sharing experience for its already established user base. With classic Instagram filters and one-play option instead of looping the videos, Instagram provides a viewer-friendly experience. Combining photos and videos, this social community is booming with brands integrating video into their social media strategy. According to Simply Measured, 40% of leading brands are active on Instagram and over 25% are posting more than one photo or video per week.



One of the largest social video platforms with over 45-million users, Keek is completely video-based allowing users to upload photos from both iPhones and Android devices. Keek allows up to 36 second video messages that can then be shared on the network, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can add tags to your video and create descriptive headlines to describe your Keek. Users can comment and interact with your brand’s videos as well. Isaac Raichyk, founder and CEO of Keek, believes the platform is attracting so many users because, “It’s fast, it’s easy to use, it’s not complicated. We don’t have video editing or filters. It’s you right there on the camera. You get to share your life with your friends and fans.”




Spreecast is an interactive site to build and engage an audience via a virtual conference or seminar. Many famous people hold weekly or monthly Spreecasts, so there’s no doubt your brand could do the same. The Wall Street Journal holds a weekly Spreecast for entrepreneurs called “The Accelerators”. Even the LA Times has been using Spreecast to cover breaking news. The social video app allows its users to watch live or archived Spreecasts and interact via text-based chat, asking questions, and sharing on Facebook and Twitter.



This video application for both iPhone and Android allows anyone to capture and share videos elsewhere or within its own social network. Southwest Airlines and General Electric have both used Viddy to run contests and actively engage their audiences. With 15-seconds of video time and the ability to automatically publish your videos on Facebook timelines, your brand can use Viddy for daily engagement without much hassle.

Businesses are jumping on social video platforms and incorporating them into their marketing campaigns to inspire sharing and to give customers another way to connect with their brand. What other video-based social networks are out there or proved to be successful for your brand? Share with us in the comments!

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