Benjamin Moore Paints a Colorful Picture of Social Success

BM new mainInstead of painting the town red, Benjamin Moore is painting the social sphere green – with envy, that is. Other brands struggling to get a grasp on the various networks can look to the paint company as an example. They successfully use social media to market to a wide variety of consumers, from businesses and designers to individual homeowners.

Benjamin Moore has been dishing out home color since the 1800’s. They’ve gradually evolved with the times, presenting great value by way of digital media and exemplifying an important best practice: social voice. They are consistent in their social personality and insistent that they are more than just paint – encompassing all aspects of home life and design.

Defying the typical advice – to do a few social networks well instead of stretching too thin on all – Benjamin Moore has managed to have a strong presence on many. The social sharing buttons on their website include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr and Flickr. On their blog, “Color Chats,” they focus on color inspiration, combinations and designer projects and tips.

Although the paint company is successful on numerous channels, they excel when given visual free reign. Benjamin Moore is all about color and design, and this is best conveyed through images. Thus, we chose to focus specifically on the image-based content on their Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr pages. Below we analyze what Benjamin Moore is doing right, and how you can learn from them.

Facebook. The Benjamin Moore Facebook page posts an impressive variety of content, including paint colors and trends, design and decorating ideas and channel cross-promotion. Their recent “Main Street Matters” campaign is also largely promoted on the network – based on the idea to “paint what matters,” Benjamin Moore will revitalize the top 20 main streets voted on. A visual design post that garnered high levels of engagement is shown below.

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BM facebook image

With fewer than 500,000 fans, Benjamin Moore demonstrates how businesses can focus on engaging current fans – not just collecting “likes” – by way of improving shares and comments. Although fans are not the end-all-be-all of metrics, they do signify the potential of an engaged community, further increasing opportunities. Therefore, a big takeaway from Benjamin Moore’s Facebook marketing is the incorporation of quality content and inclusion of targeted demographics. It’s important to understand that it’s about getting the “right” fans – and then providing value.

Pinterest. Benjamin Moore is a clear standout on the network known for visual design. The paint company has 59 boards and well over 2,000 pins focused on home design and color inspiration. They have basic boards on color swatches, such as “shades of gray” and “earthen hues,” as well as more unique boards like “monster man caves” and “eclectic elegance.”

BM pinterest

There is much to learn from the paint brand labeled “Hot on Pinterest” by Huffington Post. First of all, knowing your audience is vital. For instance, Benjamin Moore has a “home how-to” board for house projects (other than just painting) because they recognize that those looking to redo a room may need help with other ideas. While it is important to pin your original content, it’s also a best practice to repin others – especially influencers in the space who will then share your content.

Tumblr. It’s the year to get serious about Tumblr, and Benjamin Moore is doing just that. They’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to share brand creativity with bright colors and interesting images. Their Tumblr page can be un-sarcastically described as “digital fun,” with a variety of posted content coordinated by hue. Below is an example of their color inspirations:

BM tumblr

Benjamin Moore illustrates how effective Tumblr can be in portraying the lighthearted, artsier side of a business. With a younger demographic than other networks – the majority of Tumblr users are between the ages of 18 and 34 – it allows brands to reach a new audience. Of course, content should also be tailored appropriately – with less of an emphasis on direct sales and more on engagement and awareness.

Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr all present immense possibilities for social media marketing. Benjamin Moore provides excellent examples above with their visual-focused content on those networks.

The paint brand has room for improvement, however, when it comes to image SEO and content optimization – specifically on Facebook and their Pinterest boards. We would also recommend an Instagram account for more creative insight and imagery.

Which other home design or improvement brands do social media marketing well? Let us know in the comments below.

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