Be Seen in 2013: YouTube Tips for Small Businesses

YouTube-Video-ActionDid you know that YouTube is the number two search engine on the web, just behind Google? For those of you who aren’t sure, YouTube is a social network where people consume and share fun and engaging video content. Given its viral nature and ability to tell visual stories, it can be a very powerful tool for your small business. Why? It’s easy to use and has mass-market appeal!

Ready to get started on your first YouTube video? We have some great YouTube tips for you below to help you gain as many viewers as possible.

We’ve also created this handy guide that covers even more YouTube tips that you can download and keep for free. Be sure to check it out here: How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Local Business.

Benefits of Using YouTube

  1. Market to the masses: People young and old turn to YouTube when searching for information online, especially “how to” videos.
  2. Visual content provides a fresh way to reach your audience: People always like new and different content; so give video a try.
  3. Quality backlinks: Google owns YouTube. Each time you post a new video on YouTube you get quality backlinks, which gives your search engine optimization (SEO) a boost.
  4. Putting a face with a name: People like doing business face-to-face and if you can’t, video is the next best thing. People can connect to you as a person as well as a brand.
  5. It’s affordable: Video once was a huge expense but now with smart phones, flip cameras, and even webcams, it’s cost effective. YouTube will host your videos for free, so what are you waiting for?

3 Tips for Creating Great Videos

  1. It’s about the viewer, not the sales pitch: Use your video to define a problem, discuss solutions, and support others. When you combine the three, your video will attract the right following.
  2. Call to action: Include a next step for the viewer to connect with your company to receive more information that will help solve their problem.
  3. Keep it short: Statistics show that viewership consistently drops off after 60 seconds of viewing.

7 Creative Ideas for YouTube Videos

  1. Educate: What do people in your industry want to know? Educate them on the topic using video.
  2. Product review: Do you have a new product coming out? Review it or have some of your best customers do a review.
  3. Case study and the results: Recently conducted a case study? Share the results via video.
  4. Tell a story: How did you come up with the idea for your small business? Video is a great place to share it.
  5. Take viewers behind the scenes: People love to see things they don’t get to see every day. Own a restaurant? Take them into the kitchen and show how you prep for a busy night.
  6. Answer questions: Is there one part of your sign-up process that always gets questions? Answer them through video.
  7. Do a series of videos: Keep viewers coming back for more.

Are there any other YouTube tips you’d like us to share with you that weren’t covered here?


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