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Social Media Traffic DirectorLet me start this post by saying that you must read another article today. I read this article and it really is the basis for today’s blog.

SEO and social media get married – eConsultancy, December 24, 2012

This article really looks at where people are going when they access your information online. In summary, blogs can be a very effective tool in marrying SEO and social media. Probably something you already knew, but this article really emphasizes the point in various ways.

My takeaway from the article was this: “Become the Traffic Director”

As a traffic director, you need to step up and lead people to a place where you can take people to another level. This level could be all kinds of things:

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  • A home website for people to learn more about you
  • A phone number or contact page where people can personally get a hold of you
  • More information about a product or service that someone is curious about
  • A person’s specific contact information – This takes the conversation to a much better level.

As you can see from the article, people may find you on different locations like press releases or YouTube videos. However, do you really own these places? Aren’t you in a sense leasing space on some of these sites. Will people remember you a year from now?

This is where SEO and Social Media come together. Someway, you need to bring the conversation home and get people to your website or in contact with you. I am not saying you can’t do these things on social media, but in the long haul do you want to keep producing content on sites life Facebook and Linkedin and be in a position where you cannot remember what you wrote a year from now.

Content Marketing becomes more effective when, you the traffic director do the following:

  • Get People’s Attention! – Need to do this first
  • Have a niche message – You want to appeal to a specific group not everyone.
  • You begin to enlist others to help you direct traffic – These people are advocates of your brand. They retweet and post comments.
  • You are in control of your message. – Would you rather have Facebook close down or your Blog site taken down? Be in control of your content and continue to direct traffic from Facebook and other social media sites to your place.

I think more companies are going to be looking for traffic directors in the future. It is one of the best ways to marry different marketing channels together by connecting them with your brand.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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