Baby Boomers and Social Media

The marketing age of consumers has varied for years between the younger generations to those conditioned baby boomers. A majority of social media has always been bent on at least the younger demographic; relatively those between the ages of 25-54 are considered the norm since the Internet’s attractive appeal has only been active for the last 2 decades or so.

After all, your grandmother isn’t one to spend numerous amounts of time on the Internet, right? Wrong! American companies that believe their marketing scheme, both online and off it, should pertain only to that younger demographic is missing a heap of important investors. According to a recent Nielsen survey, 58% of the population of the Baby Boomer CartoonU.S. exists as the baby boomer generation, those who inhabit the age bracket after 55, and a majority of them have cash to burn and time to learn how to benefit from the Internet.

Similarly, this Nielsen statistic, spread by Cynopsis media, reveals that this aged community spends at least 85 minutes a day browsing the Internet, using it to get in touch with family and traveling friends, to buy new devices off Sharper image, or to simply read the news that they had missed the night before. That’s 85 minutes over half the population is online as potential consumers, absorbing every bit of information that is given.

Granted, that time is significantly lower than the younger generations; however, if one were to consider the fact that this older bracket controls most of the economy as well, with a combined spending worth of over $1.8 trillion, those precious minutes cannot be ignored. Increasingly, television shows and technological devices are now being geared toward that age group as well, with the realization that every passing day more and more of that population join the baby boom consumers.

This rise of the older generation online could claim equal responsibility for the amount of businesses and companies that are now investing serious time and effort into social media. In an article by Havas Media Company, reflecting the growth of social media in the UK, it states that 3 out of 4 CEO’s now agree to the importance of social media in their business. While new and innovative ideas from the youngsters that join the company have brought the online possibilities to the table, it’s the older and more experienced head honchos of corporate who make the appropriate marketing decisions. Oftentimes, the social media of a company is not run through a separate department but rather is internally controlled through a variety of developed and technologically adept workers.

Considering that the condition of the economy rather than age is now the factor of retirement, if this older generation wants to keep its spending worth, it would be best if they continue to adapt, and adapt quickly, with the advancement of both business and technology, especially if their company is adopting such a marketing plan involving social media. Baby boomers bounce back as often as any, and should be considered a significant contribution to the continual development of Internet-driven marketing. In essence, to quote anyone’s dad, Old Guys Rule!

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