Ask An SEO Expert – Social Media Monitoring [Video]

Social media can be a very powerful tool when prospecting for leads and nurturing through your inbound marketing funnel. In this week’s Ask An SEO Expert feature, our guest presenter, Muhammad Yasin, Director of Marketing at HCC Medical Insurance Services, explains what you should be looking for when monitoring social media for qualified leads.

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ASKanSEOexpertSo the question is, how do I monitor social media to increase conversions?

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Social media is probably one of the most valuable new channels of commerce that you can find. What you’re trying to do, is basically use social media monitoring to create leads that you can then nurture, close and turn into sales. There’s a couple of things you need to do in that first stage and what I call social data mining. All right?

So you’re going to set up monitoring for all types of different things in lots of different networks. The first set of things you want to monitor for is keywords. All right? So the keywords that you are using in your SEO programs and on your pages, those should be already mapped out. Monitor for the mentions of those keywords in social channels and those keyword phrases as well, especially the long tail stuff.

The second thing you’re going to look for is mentions of your products that are on social media. A lot of these may be cases where someone is maybe asking friends about your products. It’s a great time to jump in there, offer advice, offer information about any questions that they may have and pull them right into that close cycle. All right?

Next thing is mentions of your brand. Right? So people that are mentioning your company overall. Once again, they may be asking around about your product or just mentioning something that they’re interested in possibly purchasing. It’s a great time to approach them because they’re really hot at that time. Look for any related questions.

So it may not be about specifically your product or your brand, but maybe you sell toasters and the person is talking about looking for toasters, in general. Great time to reach out, introduce them to you as a company, the product that you have and bring them into that sales funnel.

One other thing that I really like to do as well, is look for mentions of your competitors. All right? This may be a point where, they may be researching a competing product. You might be able to, in an appropriate manner, offer your product as well, and maybe talk about some pros and cons between the two products and how yours may do a little bit better.

Once you have all those different types of data coming in, you will then hopefully have plenty of leads that you can follow up on. Good luck with closing those.

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