Are You Aware What Your Employees Are Saying On Social Media?

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  • Really appreciate your mentioning Addvocate Derek — awesome to know you found us.

    As for content, I can’t agree with you more. Companies who can’t invest heavily in creating awesome content will need to get very smart about curating content that engages and worthy to be shared.

    If the content is not captivating, contextual to your audiences interests, or easily sharable, it’s not going to be hard to create engagement — the company will likely grow weary and feel like they’ve failed. No one wants that, so please spend the time to understand why your friends and fans follow you in the first place.

    If you can nail down why they are following you and why, you’ll better be able to serve up the content that matters to them.

  • A boss should always be aware of what their employees are saying on social media. It would be a grievous mistake to not monitor what employees could be saying on social channels.

    For all we know, an employee could be speaking ill of your business, or worse, leaking tools of the trade for all to see.

    Since social media is becoming an important part of how businesses market themselves, and since employees are now encouraged to be active on a company’s social channels as well, it really is important to be aware of what your employees are passing around.

  • Gerat article. Not only do companies need to be aware of what employees are sharing online, they al need to think tactically about what it means that employees have their own engaged networks on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

    Any content that employees share in a professional setting (and unprofessional…) reflects back on the company, and therefore it’s up to the company to provide guidance, encouragement, and great content to share online to their employees.

    I love Addvocate’s approach to the world of employee social media. We’re trying to tackle it from an enterprise standpoint here at Elevate – and I think this issue will come up with increasing frequency in 2013.

  • We can’t stop our employees from saying what they want in social media. The only thing that we can do is to remind them to become more aware about their words because everything they are posting is open to the public and one word is enough to ruin the credibility of the company.

  • Great article, and good comments!
    The times of employee surveys should definitely be over, same goes for knowledge databases or CVs. Intelligent organizations already leverage sentiment intelligence to differentiate from competition and leverage the possibility to combine social data with internal HR data. In one case a customer (professional services) analyses CVs and the alumni network and connects this data to their HR as well as CRM system to find out the valuable entry points into potential customers when pitching for a project: excellent sales support driven by HR information (which employee has worked for the prospect? Which prospect employee has worked with the company? How many pitches have we had with the prospect, which were won and why or lost and why etc).
    Analytics are way more than reporting – in the meantime Analytics will help making better decisions thru mining and modeling data. This will not only help managing your brand as an employer, but also to find talent in your organization and keep talent in your organization!
    Thanks for driving this topic, I would love to read more articles like this!

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