A Social Media Policy: Brand Insurance

Despite the prevalence of social media use by companies and their employees, a surprising 76% of companies are still operating without a clearly defined social media policy. To safeguard your brand and make what might seem like the dull job of creating a social media policy more fun, the clever people of Mindflash have put a bevvy of useful tips in an infographic for you.

Below are some text highlights and the infographic itself.

Social Media Training

If you’re employees are going to be your brand ambassadors in the social sphere, it is important to give them some training and guidelines to ensure your brand is represented well. It can be helpful to categorize trainees into groups based on their familiarity with social technologies and focus the content of each group’s training accordingly. Mindflash has identified five groups:

  1. The Digital Native
    Has grown up using social media |
    Focus on communicating social media goals and metrics
  2. The Savvy Technologist
    Wasn’t raised on social media and the web but are self-taught on the tools |
    Focus on how to engage audiences on each relevant platform
  3. The Reluctant User
    Familiar with social media but not daily users |
    Focus on advanced features of known social media networks and introducing new ones
  4. The Digital Contrarian
    View social media as a waste of time, along with other digital technologies |
    Focus on explaining the ways social media, done well, can benefit the business
  5. The Digital Newbie
    New to digital technologies and social media |
    Focus on basic education about goals of social media use and how to navigate the most important platforms

Social Media Policy Guidelines

Guidelines should include things like:

  • Examples of digital behavior that will not be tolerated
  • Disclaimers needed when expressing a personal opinion about the company or an issue
  • Company info that should never be shared, such as, performance data and internal communications

To see what the Gap and the MLB have shared as social media guidance for their employees, check out these articles:

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Social Media Policy Infographic Image



What’s in Your Social Media Policy?

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