A Klout Upside the Head

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  • I agree, Klout’s methodology is fundamentally flawed. To me, those complaints seem to basically be people who spend their time gaming the system and now they have been bitten by Klout trying to restore balance.

    While we haven’t collected as much data as Klout, Tunkrank.com does a much better job (imho) of measuring influence on Twitter by looking at the amount of attention your network actually can give you. On the score page, we display a raw tunkrank score which represents an absolute measure of your influence rather than a relative 1-100 scale. You can easily look at two raw scores and say, this guy has twice the influence of this one.

  • Richard says:

    Best article of all the ones I have read today on Klout!

  • I also agree, Klout was not perfect, it could be “gamed” to increase your score artificially. Hopefully the new measuring will keep this from happening.

    I liked Klout because it was starting to gather data from so many social platforms. Did it measure them all equally? No, it weighted Twitter more heavily than any of the rest. I hope this also changes.

    While my score did drop, I’m not concerned. I know I’m socially active interacting with my online community, and that’s what matters.

    Having participated with Empire Avenue, Peer Index and Klout, they all have their pros and cons. Klout did a better job with marketing than EA and Peer. They lost a lot of fans with this last move and are getting a lot of bad publicity now. Who knows what the future holds for Klout?

  • I use Klout…but not as a serious business metric of SM measurement tool. I use it more as a social networking and “add-on” to Twitter. So the “drop” was not devastating to me personally.

  • Michelle Martinez Reyes says:

    Bravo! Thank you raging against the Klout machine… does anyone remember quality?!

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