8 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Performance

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Want to ramp up your social media engagement? Chances are you’re not alone. Many online businesses out there are just like you who are continually looking for new effective ways to enhance their social media marketing efforts.

To help you with that, we give you below our top proven tips are based on how you can make your social media activities more enticing:

1. Provide quality content.

Always keep this in mind: quality content is always king. Enhancing your social media presence depends on how you captivate your audience. And captivating your audience depends on the quality of your content. Give them the best possible Facebook status updates, tweets, Pinterest images, and blog posts.

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Keep offering your readers with great content.

2. Show real interest.

Being interesting is a given. Showing interest to your followers on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter is equally important. Prove to your audience that you are genuinely interested about their lives. This includes the problems they deal with and the experiences they are willing to share.

3. Tell inspirational stories.

People love stories, especially those stories that inspire them. To entice them to your market, give them stories that will motivate or warm their hearts.

4. Share helpful and interesting links.

A study conducted by HubSpot shows that tweets with an associated link are more retweeted than others. That said, if you find an article or post that you think can really help your readers, then share it.

5. Utilize call-to-action buttons on your web pages.

Call-to-action buttons like “share this”, “leave a comment”, or “click here to learn more” tell your readers what to do next after reading your social media updates or posts. These buttons encourages audience engagement.

6. Ask an open-ended question.

Put a question at the end of your post. This sparks a conversation by inviting your readers to share their ideas and thoughts.

7. Use beautiful images.

Pictures are more eye-catching than plain words and can highly capture the attention of your audience. Use great and creative images to go along with your social media strategies and tactics.

8. Update social media pages regularly.

Always update your social media accounts. Don’t allow a dull, quiet period to dominate your pages. Be consistent with the updates on all your accounts. Constantly communicate with your readers and make your online community growing.

Keep these things in mind if you want to get desired results from your social media marketing campaign. Entice your audience and make them come back for more!

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  • Ishan says:

    #1, #1, #1!

    That is one that many people always forget. Setting up automatic sharing is not quality content. You need to be engaged and provide valuable advice to audience!

    Regarding asking a question, it is important to not ask a simple “Yes/No” as there is a possibility that many people will answer “No” and never act!

  • Stephan says:

    Thank you Michelle for those advices simple yet smart :)

    I would add a ninth tip : spend time and persist !

  • Andreea Dascalu says:

    Thank you for these great tips, Michelle! I’ve noticed how visuals have a much greater impact than plain words and it’s definitely something that I try to use as often as I can in order to engage more people.

  • Mark Ross says:

    #1, #7, #8, actually every number is great and has an interesting point. Thank you for sharing those.

  • This is some great advice, I think that all of these points are very important! I think #2 is really important because you don’t want to seem uninterested in your fan base by not posting any engaging content and just posting “buy our stuff” every few hours, that’s not how you should be running a page. Make your fans keep coming back for more. Have quality content that they can share with friends, which is why #7 is important. In this day and age, people love sharing picture they see online and some really good ones can go viral in days. #8 is important as well because you have people operating on different daily schedules so make sure that you get everyone to see your content.

  • Jae Rustia says:

    I love the “Ask an open-ended question” I usually leave something they need to ponder, to think through or a hanging question so they will leave a comment themselves, maybe return to my page to check out if they answer it right or to see the other answers

    i also agree with the images thing, the higher the resolution the higher the chances that it will be re tweeted, pinned, liked and even share, if you use pixelated boring images no one will care, they will just ignore it

    • Michelle says:

      Asking open-ended questions definitely works! So is using beautiful images to go along with your social media updates like Facebook, blog, Pinterest, G+, etc… People love them and they’re more likely to engage with you. Thank you, Jae and guys here, for leaving a nice comment. Best luck!

  • Awesome post! I’m doing most of what you suggest so maybe I’m doing something right? lol I will work on the ones I’m not doing!

  • Terri-Anne Nell says:

    Great Article, thank you. What appears to be a complex social media universe is not once broken down simply with a clear vision in place. Thanks again!

  • This is a very interesting article about social media strategy. Big thanks !

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