8 Reasons Why Content Is King In Social Media

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  • Katerina Markakou says:

    I find it really helpful. The real challenge is the implementation. I have recognized some of the content marketing mistakes I have done in the past however it’s not easy to find the right way to communicate with your audience through your content. I believe deep knowledge of your audience is of vital importance!

  • Hi Katerina,
    I believe we have all done our own few mistakes before figuring out how it works for us (I am still learning). In B2B social media every company, every content and every person is different. Sometimes I am really surprised what content works best for my audience and sometimes I really get disappointed because some content does not speak to the audience.

    There is no other way than just trying out, listening and talking to people!


  • Matt Coffy says:

    Excellent post, Susanna! This article is very insightful and gives more than the basics about SMM and that content is what the search engines are really favoring over. Thanks for the read!

  • Hi Susanna,

    Yes – The term is quite well known , but a lot of people who have heard it before don’t yet know and or realized why content is king (and will remain king in my professional opinion) and you’ve highlighted the importance quite clearly.

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