7 Ways To Improve Shareability Of Visual Content On Social Media

imagesIf you are really keen about social media and search engine optimization than it would be clear to you by now that visual content is an excellent marketing and optimization tool. It is nature of humans that they are attracted more to videos and images than plain text. It is extremely shareable and major social networks are doing everything to incorporate visual content. The best example is of twitter. In the start twitter only allowed text to be shared but now you can share images and videos as well.

The fact is that there are social networks that are used to take advantage of this visual craze like Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, and flickr etc. And as I said earlier, social networks that were not so keen about visual content are featuring visual content more prominently. Aside from twitter, Facebook is great example of this change. It has made updates to make images much larger in the News Feed and timeline.

The question here is that what you have to do? It is simple start with investing in visual content creation. Assuming that you are already doing that, I am going to take it a step further. Once you start using more visual content in your blog, try to increase the shareability of that content. So, here are seven easy ways to start increasing the reach of your blog content.

    1. Use Social Sharing Buttons to Make the Sharing Easy

The best way to make the visibility of a blog post, whether it is a visual post or a text post, is to make it easy for the readers to share it. This is the reason that more and more blogs are now using social sharing buttons. These buttons are like mini call-to-action that say, “Do you like it? Why not share it with friends?” So, add some social sharing buttons to your blogs and you will increase in the visibility of your blog. You can get plug-ins for these social sharing buttons by looking for them online.

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   2.  Add Pin It Buttons Next to Visual Content

Off course, the Pinterest’s Pin It button is usually included in the plug-ins for social sharing but it is worth a lot to add a separate Pin It button. This button makes it really easy for Pinterest users to share visual content on Pinterest. These buttons are especially helpful with visual content like Infographics and other visualizations like graphs etc. especially when you place these buttons within your blog content.

  3.  Carefully Choose only High-Quality Images for Blog Content

The images you choose to use within your blog content are very important, especially since most social media and bookmarking networks pull images in the content you share. Therefore, using only high-quality images in your blog content is important and should not be taken lightly. A great high-quality image can get people’s attention and increase the blog’s click through rate, so take your time in the image selection and choose images that are both attractive and relevant to your blog content.

   4.  Create a Blog Content Pinboard

If you want to increase the visibility of your blog content then start with a pinboard that is specifically dedicated to featuring your blog content. The most interesting thing about this is that you would not have to feature content that is predominantly visual. Just make sure that you use an attractive and relevant image in your blog post, and use that image to pin your blog post.

   5. Create Custom Images to Promote Blog in Social Media

Now this technique is used by many bloggers, these days. Optimize blog content by that is not specifically visual for good shareability by creating custom images for use specifically on social media.

    6. Use Facebook’s Photo Sharing Feature to Share Links to Your Content

 The Facebook photo sharing feature enables you to share visual content more prominently. If you have used it before than it would be clear to you that it is not the general status update but photo sharing option that makes the photos more prominent in the timeline. The reason that photo sharing is used more to share visual content is that Facebook features visual content more prominently in News Feed and Timeline than status Update. So, Upload the image used in the content and add link to that content in the image’s description to get more user attention.

   7.  Use SlideShares to Present Text-Based Content

SlideShare presentations can be a great visual blog content, and the SlideShare website is also great to get more traffic. Try to turn some of your text content into visual SlideShares and use them as posts on your blog. You can always go online to search for ways to turn text into SlideShares. This will definitely get you more traffic and increase your blog’s visibility.

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