7 Steps To Finding Time for Social Media

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  • This is always a useful area to cover, pretty much because noone has a lot of free time these days. I find that having the basic understanding that doing social media in short installments during the day, especially first thing, over coffee and at lunchtime, makes it a more satisfying experience than being glued to it and distracted, helps. It’s beneficial to have routine and plan these things of course.


  • Ken, I love that you mentioned about having the proper mindset before diving into the pool of social media. Many times, people feel forced to do so because everyone’s doing it. Gone were the days when getting social online used to be fun. Now, almost everyone’s complaining about social media fatigue and this so-called ‘sharepocalypse’ simply because they forgot what getting social online really means… and it doesn’t mean becoming a human RSS feed either. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips, by the way!

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